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StatRoute CITE™ with Daily Insights gives you the right information to dominate your DFS contests and weekly fantasy leagues.
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StatRoute CITE™

StatRoute CITE™ gives you access to the data – the primary stats and the deep dive data – you won’t find anywhere else. Want to find out how Aaron Rodgers does against a 4-3 defensive coordinator? Just Wade Phillips? Or how does Jared Goff stacks up in the red-zone against the Seahawks in the rain? We’ve got you covered. 

When your money or your pride is on the line, having the best information – with context – is key! CITE puts you in the driver’s seat with current and historic data broken down the way you want it. 

Easy to Use

Designed by avid fantasy and sport betting fans, StatRoute CITE™ was created to make matchup and player research as intuitive as possible.

Super Fast

Whether you’re racing to make last minute roster moves or making an in-game prop bet, StatRoute CITE™ delivers lightning speeds and on-demand calculations.


Quarter, season, game and week  breakdowns. Field position and red-zone coverage. Weather conditions. We have what you need to find what you want!

Proprietary Fantasy & Matchup Insights Delivered Daily.

We do the work analyzing our data sets in ridiculously interesting ways to find the key trends and difference-makers for upcoming games. If you’re looking to win your DFS league, hit the prop-betting circuit or just cash in on the weekly parlay, sign up right now!